Anthem 1998

flute and piano (1998)

Elizabeth Brown, flute; Susan Walters, piano

duration: 13′

program note

This flute and piano version of Anthem was completed in 1998 at the request of flutist Jayn Rosenfeld, who first performed it at the National Flute Association Convention in Phoenix, Arizona the same year.

The original Anthem, for solo flute and chamber ensemble, was commissioned by the New York Chamber Ensemble and was completed at the MacDowell Colony in February 1994. It was written for flutist Susan Rotholz, with whom I had just played Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. Inspired by her beautiful and passionate playing, the heart of the piece is an original chorale over which the flute sings its narrative while struggling to maintain its identity. The flute’s language of microtonal inflections and progressions evolved out of my study of Japanese shakuhachi music and a fascination with birdsong.