Lost Waltz 2014

flute and string quartet (2014)

premiere: Cooperstown Summer Music Festival 2014, by flutist Linda Chesis and the Momenta Quartet

Montclair State University, October 16, 2016
Elizabeth Brown, flute, with the Momenta Quartet: Emilie-Anne Gendron and Adda Kridler, violin; Stephanie Griffin, viola; Michael Haas, cello

duration: 8:30

program note

The original Lost Waltz, written in 1997 and dedicated to Orpheus flutist Susan Palma Nidel, was commissioned for the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra with funds from the Greenwall Foundation and the Heathcote Art Foundation. Lost Waltz was arranged for flute and string quartet in 2014 for the Cooperstown Summer Music Festival, for a performance by flutist Linda Chesis and the Momenta Quartet.