flute duet (2005)

Elizabeth Brown, flute (both parts, but not at the same time!)

duration: 10′

program note

Lunette (2005) was commissioned through Meet the Composer by Judith W. and Herbert L. Ennis in celebration of their 45th wedding anniversary. At the anniversary celebration, Judith Ennis performed the premiere with her teacher Laura George.

A lunette is the half-moon shape at the top of an arch, or a window or artwork in that space. Where they join a wall, vaulted ceilings form lunettes, such as in the Sistine Chapel. Lunette is composed in the form of an arch, with the Aria a pillar on each side of the Sarabande in the center. The Sarabande forms a smaller arch withing the piece, with two quiet sections surrounding a fleet burst of music. The three larger movements are each preceded by a brief introductory movement.