Pieces with Flute

flute and shakuhachi (2 players) (1999)

Alabama Panorama
flute choir (6 C flutes and 2 alto flutes) (1996)

alto flute and recorded sound (2005)

Anthem 1994
solo flute and chamber orchestra (1994)

Anthem 1998
flute and piano (1998)

flute and recorded sound (2004)

flute and guitar (1987)

The Baths of Caracalla
4 alto flutes and recorded sound (2007)

Blue Minor
flute and string quartet (2001)

Botanical Obsessions
solo flute (2000)

Brown, Party of 2
flute, toy accordions, coffee grinder, salad bowl, and viola (1999)

Collected Visions I
shakuhachi, viola d’amore, cello, and glass armonica (1992)

Collected Visions III
multitracked viola, flute, shakuhachi, and toy accordions (2000)

Island Nocturnes
flute, French horn, vioin, vioa, cello, and piano

Lost Waltz
chamber orchestra (1997)

Lost Waltz 2014
flute and string quartet (2014)

flute duet (2005)

The Memory Palace
flute, cello, and piano (1990)

solo flute (1999)