theremin, string quartet, and video (by Lothar Osterburg) (2007)

(excerpt) Performed by Elizabeth Brown, theremin, with the Momenta Quartet

From Elizabeth Brown: Mirage New World 80751-2

video (by Lothar Osterburg
Elizabeth Brown, theremin, with the Momenta Quartet
(note: the video begins in silence)

duration: 14′

program note
Piranesi, the 3rd collaboration between Lothar Osterburg and Elizabeth Brown, is inspired by the dramatic, exaggerated architectural world created by Giovanni Battista Piranesi (1720-1778) in his Carceri, or imaginary prisons. One of the masterpieces of printmaking, the Carceri are notable for being issued in two states: initially in 1744 when Piranesi was 24, then again 17 years later, in a heavily worked, dramatically darker version; these two states give the viewer a unique insight into the creative mind and working process of the artist. In his homage to Piranesi, Osterburg uses stop-motion animation to capture the many stages in his own unique artistic process, from the initial conception to the completion of a photogravure, his printmaking specialty. Osterburg and Piranesi, who share an October 4th birthday, both combine a unique artistic vision with an outstanding technical expertise in etching. Brown combines string quartet, with its long history in western culture, with the wild card of the theremin!

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