Just Visible in the Distance

Please check out NewMusicUSA’S blog –  THE MOMENTA QUARTET: A PROLIFIC 2014-2015 SEASON includes a video of the quartet performing Just Visible in the Distance, one of many pieces I’ve written for them. I’m one of dozens of composers they champion. https://www.newmusicusa.org/the-momenta-quartet-highlights-a-prolific-2014-15-season/

Sasaya Gallery Performance

Japan Tour – Fall 2015

Between September 24 and October 21, I’ll join my mentor Ralph Samuelson for concerts in Japan – at a Buddhist temple and National Heritage site in Yokohama, at a shrine near Mount Fuji surrounded by 1200-year-old cedars, at a gallery in Sumida, and on a boat in Kyoto. We also have two concerts in Iwate prefecture, which was hit hard …