Pieces with Shakuhachi or Traditional Japanese Instruments

flute and shakuhachi (2 players) (1999)

shakuhachi and shamisen (2011)

Aki Meguri Kite (Autumn Comes Round Again) (2015)
2 shakuhachi and ichigenkin/speaker

shakuhachi, soprano, and gamelan (2010)

fragments for the moon
shakuhachi and nohkan (2010)

Hermit Thrush
solo shakuhachi (1991)

shakuhachi, violin, viola, and cello (1990)

Mirage (2008)
shakuhachi and string quartet

One String, One Breath
shakuhachi and ichigenkin (2010)

Reflections in a Weir
shakuhachi 1.6, shakuhachi 1.8, and shakuhachi 2.1 (3 players) (2012)

ryuteki, hichiriki, and shou (2009)

Shakuhachi Solos from Isle Royale
shakuhachi (2005)

Shakuhachi Duos from Isle Royale
two shakuhachi (2005)

Shinshoufuukei (An Imagined Landscape) (2010)
Japanese traditional instrument orchestra

Slowly Toward the North
bass koto and shou (2011)

Stories and Waltzes for Ichigenkin
solo ichigenkin (one-string koto) (2011)

The Secret Life of Birds
flute and koto (1992)

View from the Bottom of a Stream
Satsuma biwa and percussion (2016)